Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Floors Again

Well, just this past Sunday, the floor guys finished taking out and replacing the floor in the hall in the master suite. We are not jumping down and celebrating because there is still an issue with one place. We call it "the divot" - the low place in the area between the two rooms that is not level. I noticed it the first time I walked across that area. We put a level on it and it is not level and The Guy put a ball on it which just rolled smartly into the other room. Good Grief! The floor guys seem incredulous that it happened and said they don't know how it could have happened since it was level before (which it was). They don't want to do anything to fix it because it will be too much trouble for them. They would have to take out a large section of the floor and level the area and then tie into the rest of the floor. Whine, whine, whine. Unfortunately, Bobthebuilder agrees with them. It is really disappointing. Bob did say that "if we insist" they would fix it. We are still not sure. There is a concern that upon resale, someone might think the floor is warped or that there is something wrong with the slab. THIS WILL NEVER END!!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Floor Update

After fits (by me) and starts (yes, plural), the kitchen floor is finally almost ($%^%#$@!#$%) finished. More about the almost in a minute.

Here is the floor removal halfway through.

The piano and pool table had to be moved into the den and everything had to be covered with plastic to minimize the dust. At least we had room for a Christmas tree.

All of the small items and chairs from the den were moved into the dining/wine room about a month ago. Good thing we didn't have any dinner party plans during the holidays.....

We now get to put everything back together. The goal is to have it completed by Christmas night.

oh - about the "almost" - there is a low spot in the area between the rooms. No idea how that happened, but they have to tear it out, level it and put it back together. Not sure when this will happen. They also did not fix the hallway in the master suite, so that will be fixed at the same time.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

NO Floor this Week

I'm so angry about it that I can't post anything that my mother could read, so I'll post more later.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Floor - Part 1

Here is the new floor in the den. No more buckled seams. Yea! Only 5 1/2 months after moving in.............

Phase 2 starts on Monday, December 13. Oh boy! They get to move both the piano and the pool table. Should be fun!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well, it's not the landscaping!. The floor guys finally showed up on Monday and after the Guy called Bob the Builder, he sent over more workers and they got the existing wood up from the den floor. That little exercise took all day and here is a photo of the results.

Naturally, Brix thought all the wood chips were there just for his chewing enjoyment, so it has been quite a feat to keep him out of there.

Day two was the removal of all of this wood and glue residue. That endeavor also took all day. Today was the laying of the new floor. Photos to come....

Oh, and we now have about 1/4 inch of dust all over the den and kitchen.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One Year Ago

I never thought I would be still posting on this blog about how we are not yet finished! NEVER - in my wildest dreams. But, alas, here we are. Over a year ago (by about a week) and we still have a mud pit in the back yard and warped floors. The floor guys were scheduled to be here Monday - Wednesday this week to replace one entire room, since the "replace a small section" method failed so miserably. On Sunday, I started talking to the Guy about moving things out of the den. He refused because he said he didn't think the floor guys would show up. But, I said, BOBTHE BUILDER said they would be here and I'm going with that. I ended up only moving a few of the more fragile items. The floor guys can move the big stuff - not our job.

Well, apparently, not their job either, which means that the Guy was right. The floor guys did not show up! They did drop by about noon and said they would come today (Tuesday) and get it all finished in two days (with one of those days being the Wednesday before Thanksgiving). Yeah, RIGHT. We may be slow, but we are not stupid. That will never happen. The Guy asked them if the wood was acclimating in some indoor location (which was not done before and is one of the alleged reasons it warped in the first place). "Ummmmmmm. We haven't ordered the wood yet.". AH HA! It was never going to get done. Why do they pretend? It is just ridiculous.

Well, we are now rescheduled for Monday - Wednesday of next week. Hummmmmm. The Monday after a long weekend holiday. Wanna place bets???

Oh, and the landscaping is supposedly scheduled for that same Monday. Let's go for a two-fer. Any bets?????

Stay tuned to see if you won your bet. I'm betting the landscaping doesn't get done and that the floor guys show up around noon on Monday.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Never Easy

Well, the big week has come and gone. The septic guy came on Monday and Tuesday and installed a new float in the first tank. That didn't work as the pipes still rattle. They tried some other things on Wednesday and we think they finally found out how to fix the problem (again). Haven't seen or heard from them since.......

The floor guys came on Wednesday (ah, I remember "construction time" - were supposed to be here between 8:30 and 9:00 but arrived at 10:00) Spent until about 4 or so, including lunch, and only replaced a section about two feet by six feet. At this rate, they will be totally finished by next June. Especially since they told me that they would work on our floor when they didn't have anything else to do. Supposed to come on Thursday around 10 - didn't show up at all. Came Friday morning and picked up their tools to take to another job site. Think we're a priority?????

Bottom line on the floor, some of the new joints are raised, the wood doesn't totally match and it has a different finish. Oh, and there are gouge marks in some of the surrounding boards. Well, THIS experiment did not work. Back to the drawing board. Fortunately, Bob is still very committed to getting it finished soon and properly.

Landscaping is unbelievably frustrating. Not done at all with continuous promises to get it finished. I'm ready to sue them.......

Good news - the weather is BEAUTIFUL and the dog is getting slightly better!

Stay tuned.